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  Plastic Hopper Dryer Details description
product name:Plastic Hopper Dryer
release time:2020-05-29 10:35:19
simple description:At present, the drying of plastic resins has been using direct hot air drying.
weight :68.00
unit weight:KG
characteristic:For Plastic Material Drying
patent:Drying Contol
Producing country:CHINA
Product alias:Hopper Dryer
  Plastic Hopper Dryer Product introduction

Plastic Hopper Dryer parameter

Model HGP-100
Capacit (KG) 100
Heating (KW) 6.5
Blower (W) 246
Power (V) 3φ 380V
Dimensions (CM) 101x70x141
Base Size (K*K*D)(CM) 18x18xφ8
Net Weight (KG) 68
Hopper Dryer

Plastic Hopper Dryer Equipment principle

Hopper Dryer

Plastic Hopper Dryer application

Hopper Dryer

Plastic Hopper Dryer Precautions

1 How To Adjust The Temperature?
Refer to the drying temperature reference table for plastic materials and appropriately adjust the scale of the temperature controller. The temperature at which the bimetal thermometer reacts corresponds to the actual desired temperature.
2 How To Adjust The air flow?
The adjustment of the air flow has a great effect on drying. Generally, the effect is best when the blower runs at full power. When there is not enough material in the hopper, or when a higher temperature is required, then adjust the air flow to save energy. Otherwise, the expected drying effect cannot be achieved.
3 How To Feed In The Raw Material?
1) When feeding raw material into the hopper, to ensure that the amount of raw materials should not be less than 70% of the total capacity, so as to avoid uneven and bad drying effect.
2) Drying of transparent raw materials
To dry transparent plastic pellets, an air filter must be installed at the air inlet to prevent dust from entering the air
  1. preheat the hopper
Before loading, the hopper is heated for about 10-20 minutes to dry the internal moisture.
Product alias:
Hopper Dryer
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Product name:Plastic Hopper Dryer
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