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  PET Dehumidifier Details description
product name:PET Dehumidifier
release time:2020-05-16 14:14:04
Price:¥USD 12350
simple description:Honeycomb dehumidifiers are mainly used to dry hygroscopic engineering plastics such as PET, PC, PLA, PA, TPU, TPE, HDPE, etc. The honeycomb-rotor inside the machine can offer effective drying, which under ideal conditions, can supply dehumidified dry air with a dew-point -35℃ to -45℃。
weight :860.00
unit weight:KG
characteristic:For Plastic Material Drying
patent:Intelligent Drying System Control Software
Producing country:CHINA
Product alias:Honeycomb Wheel Dehumidifier
  PET Dehumidifier Product introduction

PET Dehumidifier parameter

Model HF-1200
Drying Air Volume (m^3/hr) 1200
Drying Blower Power (KW) 3.7
Regeration Blower(KW) 2.2
Regeration Heater(KW) 12
Cooling Nozzle(lnch) 3/4"
Out/in Air Pipe Dia. (Inch) 6
Dimensions (LxWxH) CM 168×125×190
Net Weight (KG) 860

Note: We reserve the right to change spencifications without prior notice.
Honeycomb Wheel Dehumidifier

PET Dehumidifier Equipment principle

The core component of the honeycomb dehumidifier is a honeycomb rotor that rotates slowly. The partitions on both sides of the rotor made of highly sealed silicone rubber divide the entire surface into three sectors: the dehumidifying area, regeneration area and cooling area.
When the humid air enters the dehumidifying area of the rotor, the water vapor of the humid air is absorbed by the active silica gel of the rotor and enters the regeneration area, and then the dehumidified dry air is blowed to hopper dryer by blower. 
There is plastic material with strong hygroscopicity inside the hopper. The dehumidified dry air absorbs the internal moisture of the plastic material. As the absorbed water increases, the rotor restores its ability to absorb moisture to complete the regeneration process.
Under the action of the drying blower, the dehumidified air is sent to the dehumidifier, and the dehumidification sector gradually becomes more saturated. Under the drive of the speed control motor, it slowly turns into the slow cooling zone, and the high temperature blown in reverse through the regeneration zone After the air adsorbs the moisture absorbed in the rotor, it enters the dehumidification area for dehumidification. The above-mentioned dehumidification and regeneration processes happen at the same time, the air is continuously dried, and the rotor is continuously regenerated, and the cycle is repeated, thus ensuring the continued stability of the dehumidifier.
Honeycomb Wheel Dehumidifier

PET Dehumidifier application

Honeycomb dehumidifiers are mainly used to dry hygroscopic engineering plastics such as PET, PC, PLA, PA, TPU, TPE, HDPE, etc.

Dehumidifier main function is to reduce indoor air moisture, so as to achieve the purpose of drying. Dehumidifier suitable for the application of the following aspects:
First, the electronic industrial plant, CD-ROM production lines and computer rooms, as well as some large hotels, such as fresh air system. After being used by the fresh air system, the dehumidifier can reduce the cooling capacity and improve the stability of the temperature control system. Especially suitable for indoor relative humidity is less than fifty percent of the indoor environment, there is a relatively large amount of fresh air conditioning system.
Second, food candy, printing products, laminated glass and chemical production and other fields. Because dehumidifier for indoor humidity can be strictly controlled, suitable for indoor humidity requirements of twenty percent to forty percent of the production workshop and warehouse. It is very difficult to achieve the humidity parameters of the product if other dehumidification technology is used. The use of dehumidifier and air conditioning to cooperate, you can easily achieve the desired humidity requirements.
Third, suitable for some photosensitive materials and chemical fiber, food processing and wood, etc.. These production workshop needs to have the extremely low request to the indoor environment, the relative humidity best achieves one percent to two percent. This is what other drying machines cannot do.
Fourth, suitable for all kinds of environmental tests and plastic mold production. These products require indoor air drying process, the use of dehumidifier can save a lot of energy, and make product quality stability.
These are a few basic industrial dehumidifier dehumidifier used, of course there are other purposes, here is no longer a repeat. With the development of science and technology, dehumidifier function will be stronger, dehumidification effect will be better, the use of the field will be more.

Honeycomb Wheel Dehumidifier

PET Dehumidifier Precautions

1,The dehumidifier should be cleaned frequently and kept clean. 
2, When cleaning the machine, wipe gently with a damp cloth; avoid direct water splashing to avoid damage to electrical insulation. 
3, If there are stickies on the surface of the machine, which can be washed with soapy water. 
4, Put the machine stand up, not tilted or laid down, to avoid machine malfunction or abnormal noise.
Product alias:
Honeycomb Wheel Dehumidifier
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