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What is-dehumidification dryer?

time:2020-06-08 15:46:38  source: Plastic machinery equipment  Author: Plastic dryer
Dehumidification dryers are generally used in industrial production to dehumidify and dry materials with strong hygroscopicity to ensure a high product forming rate. In the past, enterprises used traditional hot air fans. If they encounter humid weather, it is difficult for the hot air fans to accomplish the purpose of drying. The dehumidification dryer was born to improve the disadvantages of the hot air fan.
Dehumidification dryer
The dehumidification dryer effectively improves the shortcomings of ordinary dryers. It first draws in ambient air to remove moisture from the air at a low dew point, and then heats and transports the dried air to the dryer to dehumidify and dry the material. The work efficiency is greatly improved, the drying time is reduced, and the drying effect is better.
The air pipeline of the dehumidification dryer is a closed circulation system, which can not be affected by outside weather. The material can be dried well on a dry day or a wet day without moisture. The filter installed in the desiccant dryer can prevent the dust from leaking and causing pollution in the factory, and keep the air environment clean.
Generally speaking, the difference between these two dryers is the different moisture content of the inlet air used for drying. One treated the intake air moisture, and one did not.
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What is-dehumidification dryer? technology
What is-dehumidification dryer?
What is-dehumidification dryer? technology
What is-dehumidification dryer? Program
What is-dehumidification dryer? Program