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Central Drying System

time:2020-05-14 09:29:05  source: Plastic machinery equipment  Author: Plastic dryer
The purpose of plastic dehumidification and drying is to reduce the moisture content to the required level. The drying equipment can achieve this function by circulating the dry and hot gas in the drying hopper. When it is necessary to process many different types of materials, a central device is usually used to generate dry gas, which enters a series of hoppers through a pipeline system, and each hopper corresponds to a material.
However, due to differences in different material characteristics (such as material type and polymer consumption and particle size), in order to achieve the best operating results, each hopper requires specific working conditions. The traditional approach is to use a safe working condition, and the drying system is also set based on the most demanding process parameters, such as maximum material consumption at the highest temperature and air flow. This basic model violates the principle of energy efficiency and therefore does not help to reduce or optimize the operating costs of the system.

In order to solve this problem, a special drying system was developed, which is different from the traditional central feeding system. It automatically adjusts and controls all working parameters of each hopper, so the system only uses all the necessary energy.

This is achieved by the specific software correlating the data collected by the color sensor installed in each drying hopper barrel. It means that the patented measuring device in the air supply pipe below each hopper is used, so each The air flow in the hopper is adjusted and controlled in a timely and independent manner. In addition, this airflow is automatically adjusted by the central drying system to obtain the best process operating conditions.
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Central Drying System
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Central Drying System technology
Central Drying System
Central Drying System technology
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