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Welcome to join the central feeding system website (central feeding system is also called central feeding system, automatic feeding system, centralized feeding system, central conveyor system)! This is a global central feeding system manufacturer, providing a more comprehensive central feeding system information exchange platform website for machinery and equipment products, technology, design, cost budget, entire factory planning, solutions, etc.! Feasible design solutions can reduce more costs for enterprises!

全球贸易平台-Global trading platform


      全球贸易平台( wto-btb.com)专为实体制造商企业提供一个免费的服务平台,是一个方便、快捷、可靠的全球开放的指引平台。信息实时更新,持续增长中;系统进行深入观察剖析。在这里,用户可以免费查询产品及企业资料;实体企业可以免费发布相关信息展示自己。我们希望通过此平台努力促进企业走全球,为全球带来价值!欢迎大家使用体验,是一个电脑与手机端结合的网站!欢迎社会各界爱心人士和组织与我们携手合作,共同为全球制造商企业奉献绵薄之力!
      The global trade platform (wto-btb.com) provides a free service platform for entity manufacturers and enterprises, and is a convenient, fast and reliable global open guidance platform. Information is updated in real time and continues to grow; the system conducts in-depth observation and analysis. Here, users can inquire about products and corporate information for free; entity companies can publish relevant information for free to show themselves. We hope that through this platform, we will work hard to promote the company to go global and bring value to the world! Welcome everyone to use and experience, it is a website that combines computer and mobile terminal! We welcome caring people and organizations from all walks of life to join hands with us, and jointly contribute to global manufacturers and enterprises!
   Ideas are our propositions and principles we firmly believe in, and are the cornerstone of our work content and working methods. The ideas that govern our behavior include:
所得即所施-What you get is what you do
   How you want others to treat you, you have to treat others the same way. No matter how young you are today, everyone will be old tomorrow. Caring for manufacturing is caring for our future.
行动带来改变-Action brings change
   We believe that the power of change is one of the greatest in the world. We uphold this belief-as long as we always keep paying attention to the world, the world also pays attention to us and provides as much convenience as possible for physical manufacturing. Even if such convenience is limited to one point, it only benefits one family, it is also an improvement to the current situation of the entity. We believe that action brings change!
    "Made for the future" is the mission of Global Trade Network, and we will always work hard for it!
    Become an excellent global trade manufacturer and technical service and product provider, service manufacturer, technology, create value for the world, and satisfy manufacturing!
   Help manufacturers improve the quality of enterprise products, improve quality, obtain patents, technology and share!
   Create "Global Trade Platform(wto-btb.com)”
   Create a platform based on the aggregation and display of entity manufacturer information, and realize the connection between manufacturer's products and global demand, and give the driving force of each enterprise's status quo. At the same time, the value of the global trade network (wto-btb.com) can be realized and improved.
推动“制造”-Promote "manufacturing"
   The plan is dedicated to supporting the physical manufacturing industry to improve hardware, improve services, optimize operations, and help enterprises develop and benefit the world.
网站特色-Site Features
   Free B2B, only serving the physical manufacturing network.
   全球贸易平台 (wto-btb.com)是目前全球性的免费信息平台。并开通各国垂直性平台,多语种,多分类,将把有效信息量、详细信息、信息更新最及时推送全球。
   The global trade platform (wto-btb.com) is currently a global free information platform. And open vertical platforms in various countries, multi-language, multi-category, which will push the amount of effective information, detailed information, and information updates to the world in the most timely manner.
易用 方便--Easy to use
   Quickly release information, reduce intermediate links, and quickly review! Generally, the review will be completed at 22:00 in the evening! (Required with * number! Enter the company name, business license, enterprise production license! Patented companies have the opportunity to recommend first! To ensure the authenticity of the company and information)
开放 共建-Open and build together
   Individual registered members can score and comment on institutions through multiple channels such as the institution library and on-site forums, which truly reflects the openness and public welfare.
原创 深入-Original deep
    除了紧跟全球制造业内的重要动态,每天更新新闻资讯外,让更多人更深入的了解与所有人都密切相关的全球制造的种种现状。其发展和积累将在推动全球制造业发展中起到越来越显著的作用。 "     In addition to keeping up with important developments in the global manufacturing industry and updating news and information every day, more people have a deeper understanding of the current global manufacturing conditions that are closely related to everyone. Its development and accumulation will play an increasingly significant role in promoting the development of global manufacturing.